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“When I started looking for a company to take care of the creation of my new website… I wasn’t looking for just any company. I did not want a company that keeps popping out new websites one after another like so many are presently doing. These companies create websites that, as I like to say, have no soul. They keep using the same templates over and over again and simply change the pics and colour schemes.”
“I wanted to find a company with passionate individuals just like myself that love what they do. One that would actually take time to evaluate my needs, make sure to come up with great suggestions and finally create something better that I was initially asking for.”

"I could not be happier with the look and feel of my new website. They totally respected my current branding, came up with some brilliant ideas, and novel things to incorporate in this first release (1.0) but also proposed a few updates that will be added later on that will enhance dramatically the viewer’s experience. If you are looking for a team of passionate individuals to undertake your new or existing website... look no further... 3ejoueur is definitely the team you are looking for.
***Highly recommended***"

− Patrick Di Fruscia, Difruscia Photography

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 “We are a graphical and numerical development agency
specializing in the integration and design of tailored Web tools.”
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